MTR trenolab

We combine operational expertise with powerful, agile and efficient railway simulation tools to model predictable performance outcomes.

Combining Sophisticated Modelling and Operational Expertise

Launched in spring 2023, our joint venture brings together the sophisticated software developed by trenolab specialists with MTR’s industry-leading railway operations experience.

Industry Experts in High-Performance Timetable Modelling

MTR trenolab combines the strengths, expertise and experience of MTR and trenolab, ensuring clients benefit from working with seasoned, industry experts with proven ability in delivering high-performance timetable modelling.

A Full-Service Model to Deliver Superior Results

We enable clients to plan and deliver efficient and superior-quality rail transport services by helping them create high-performing timetables.  Our full-service model includes asking the right questions, selecting the most relevant analysis tools, helping clients interpret the results and packaging recommendations for effective implementation.

Blending customised solutions with fast turnaround times to meet the timetable planning cycle’s strict deadlines

Comprehensive Services

Our comprehensive range of services include joint infrastructure and service planning, timetable planning, infrastructure planning, timetable robustness modelling and analysis of operations.

Bespoke Solutions

MTR trenolab’s bespoke solutions are tailored to the needs of our clients, enabling rail operators to optimally serve their customers by delivering efficient train services.

Time Saving

Making key decisions and obtaining consensus is critical to a project’s success. By focusing on strategic decisions and modelling only what’s needed, we significantly reduce our client’s time developing high-quality timetables and adapting operations to changing project needs.

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