Our capabilities range from small-scale infrastructure improvements through to delivering new track infrastructure and extensive station works.

An Operationally-Focused, Customer-Led Approach

Our approach allows us to think in a customer’s mindset, impacting the end-state of what we deliver. Working in close partnership with organisations such as Network Rail and Transport for London, our capabilities range from small-scale infrastructure improvements to delivering new track infrastructure and extensive station works.

Combining Our Infrastructure and Operational Expertise

We combine our construction and engineering expertise with experience of operating complex and customer-focused railways, delivering infrastructure that meets client and customer needs and supports thriving and sustainable communities.

The MTR Difference

Global Excellence and Demonstrated Capabilities

MTR has a global reputation for delivering exceptional infrastructure works from line extensions, line upgrades, station refurbishment and building in Hong Kong to building new railways in and around existing railways in Australia.  In the UK, our portfolio of infrastructure works includes platform extensions, driver accommodation and station upgrades.

Adding Value in Complex Stakeholder Environments

We excel at managing complex, multi-stakeholder environments – ensuring our client’s priorities are met while balancing the needs of multiple partners.  Our partners benefit from our ability to cut through bureaucracy while taking into account competing views. We remain focused on identifying, prioritising and delivering what’s of greatest importance and will add the most value.  We also consider potential disruptions to other train operators and passengers, building and developing with the passenger in mind.

Flexible Financing Model

Our financing model offers MTR the potential to access funding, acting as both a financer and partner.  At times, we may choose to take on an element of financial risk, committing to the cost and time it will take to deliver a project from the outset.  Alternatively, we may buy into a project in return for a long-term stake.

A Localised Workforce

We take a local approach, choosing to support the communities we serve by working with specialist local, smaller contractors where possible.  This results in less cost for our clients and higher standards of service delivered by contractors who are keen to maintain a long-term working relationship with MTR as well as delivering economic value to those local areas.

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