1 Mar 2023
Press Releases

MTR UK and trenolab set to revolutionise Britain’s rail timetabling

London, 1 March 2023

MTR UK, a world-class operator whose rail operations includes operating the Elizabeth line on behalf of Transport for London, has launched a joint venture agreement with software and consultancy firm trenolab.

The joint venture is initially aimed at helping Britain’s rail industry to optimise operations and timetable planning, to improve customer journeys through a combination of powerful simulation technology and industry-leading excellence. 

MTR trenolab’s customised solutions are based on a comprehensive offer including joint infrastructure and service planning, timetable robustness modelling and contingency and service recovery modelling. This leads to better planning, more reliable services, and faster recovery times when trains get delayed.

MTR and trenolab partnered to drive improvements during the phased opening of the Elizabeth line in London, conducting timetable modelling work to identify performance risks that could then be mitigated before each new timetable was launched. As a result, MTR Elizabeth line trains had an average 94.4% punctuality during summer of 2022, compared to 87.6% for all London and South East Operators.

The relationship has evolved into a Joint Venture, that aims to offer similar expertise and improvements to the rest of the rail network.

Graham Cross, Commercial Director at MTR UK said: “Our partnership with trenolab, a company with whom we have a longstanding relationship and a great deal of admiration, is a hugely important milestone for MTR.  As demonstrated on the Elizabeth line, we have seen first-hand the power their software brings to the rail sector when important decisions on timetable and infrastructure specification need to be made.

“MTR’s involvement adds a deeper, practical knowledge of the rail industry to the technical excellence of trenolab. Together we aim to help clients drive significant improvements in punctuality and reliability across their operations, to benefit their passengers and freight customers.”

Giorgio Medeossi, Technical Director at trenolab, said: “We are proud to be at the forefront of innovation in the rail industry. Our new joint venture with MTR UK will enable rail operators to elevate their service to customers by helping them create high-performing timetables and delivering efficient train services that run on time.”

MTR trenolab will continue to undertake timetable modelling work on TfL’s behalf for all changes to timetable specifications for the Elizabeth line, informing decisions on future timetables and the impact of infrastructure design and system software changes, to ensure a high-performance railway that delivers for customers.