Enhancing Driver Training Programme Through the Latest Technology and Innovative Techniques

An experiential learning approach that immerses candidates in the railway environment.


As the rail industry continues to explore areas to modernise, driver training remains at the heart of conversations, yet progress to date has been slow. MTR has developed solutions that not only address several industry challenges but revolutionise the way drivers are trained through the latest technology and innovation.

Further, when classroom-based training was significantly impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic, these solutions allowed critical training and competency to continue, offering sustainable alternatives to how more training could be delivered in the future.

MTR’s programmes address key industry issues by enabling:

Efficiency – Providing drivers with access to trains and to trainers is often an issue because of availability and location. MTR’s approach shifts the focus to drivers learning more efficiently and flexibly.

A wider talent pool – Traditionally driver training has been inflexible in relation to hours and location, creating barriers to accessing a more diverse workforce. MTR’s suite of tools can be adapted to suit candidates’ preferred learning methods while the application of technology has greater appeal to a new generation of potential drivers.

Operational competence – Existing train driver courses are limited in the experiences their training candidates encounter. MTR’s programme ensures drivers gain key operational experience around degraded / emergency scenarios, ensuring they are better prepared to deal with these situations when out on the railway.

Our Approach

MTR’s ‘Experiential Learning Approach’ ensures new train drivers receive the same high-quality training MTR is known for in a more flexible way, using virtual learning to enhance, rather than replace, traditional training methods.

The 10 core modules of our Train Driver training programme are based on Kolb’s experiential learning model, where candidates learn and develop competence through experience-based learning. Various resources and techniques are utilised, with a focus on virtual and augmented reality technologies to immerse candidates in the railway environment.

Our Track-SIM application provides an immersive train driving experience, where candidates can build, interact and drive on their own virtual operational railway and better understand how the railway functions from the ground up. This tool has been built into several of our classroom-based modules to enhance the learning experience and add a remote-learning capability. 

Our Traction-Builder application provides an unprecedented view of the inside workings of a train, where candidates build and then walk through their own virtual train to familiarise themselves with the various systems and equipment that keep the train moving safely. Use of this App is woven into our traction training modules to better support the way drivers learn about the types of trains they will operate.

The culmination of our suite of tools is our virtual railway. Using virtual reality (VR) headset technology, we have built a fully virtual railway. A candidate can drive a train in the virtual world and experience all the aspects of driving a real train, from the physical sensation of moving a unit, all the way through to interacting with the technology and signalling systems they would find on their route. This tool will continue to evolve to become a real gamechanger in tackling some of the industry challenges outlined above.

MTR’s apps / tools are all networked, providing trainers with live access to deliver core operational rules and regulations, training, and assessments while candidates work remotely. The technology is also supported by a full competence management system, that identifies and manages the risk-based training needs for each driver.

of candidates confirmed use of the tools has aided their learning and was an improvement on old learning methods.
of candidates were fully supportive of embedding the tools to become part of the standard delivery of driver training.


Our Driver Training programme and suite of technologies provide greater efficiency and flexibility in the delivery of training, meeting the high standards required of training in a safety-critical environment, whilst enhancing the candidate experience. The integrated nature of our programme gives candidates access to our training team through both in-person training and through our networked technologies when working remotely, ensuring they feel closely supported throughout their learning. The experience-based nature of our programme allows drivers to gain a deeper understanding of the railway environment, with access to all the tools they need to take ownership of their own competence, prevent skill fade and aid knowledge retention wherever and whenever suits them.

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