20 May 2022
Press Releases

Passenger Service Set to Launch on London’s Elizabeth line Operated by MTR

Transport for London (TfL) in the United Kingdom has announced that the Central Operating Section of the Elizabeth line under the ownership of TfL is set to open on 24 May 2022. MTR Elizabeth line (MTREL), a wholly owned subsidiary of MTR Corporation, is responsible for the daily operations of the Elizabeth line.

The Elizabeth line stretches over 100 km and serves 41 stations1. MTREL, on behalf of TfL, is responsible for providing its passengers the highest level of customer service and managing 28 of the stations along the route in addition to overseeing the daily operations of the full line. The opening of the Elizabeth line is a major milestone in London’s railway development and significantly increases central London’s rail capacity. MTREL, as the company responsible for daily operations, will continue to collaborate closely with construction and maintenance business partners appointed by TfL to deliver the respective tasks.

Chief Executive Officer of MTR Corporation Dr Jacob Kam said, “We are excited to witness and take part in the commencement of Elizabeth line service which signifies a new era of travel in London. With our ample experience on railway operations, we are committed to delivering the highest standards of operational efficiency and reliability and the best in customer service for passengers in London. I would like to thank our MTREL colleagues for their continued hard work in the last seven years2 to be fully prepared for the opening of the Elizabeth line.”

As an international brand based in Hong Kong, MTR has been steadily developing its mainland and overseas business. The Corporation achieves the goal of keeping cities moving with extensive experience of delivering safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable railway services that support growth and connect communities.